Project manager Jurica Babić attended seminar titled „Innovate your teaching through the methods like gamification, e-learning, design thinking, project based learning, use of new technologies in higher education“ which was held from 26th to 29th of September 2018. in Łódź (Poland). Seminar was focused on participants interaction and discussion. One of the primary focuses was Tool Fair on which TeamSoc21 was introduced, with emphasis on innovative methods for learning (gamification and learning based on project work) and on interactive tools that were used to achieve project goal. Besides the Tool Fair, there was workshop called “Design Thinking” with a goal for participants to go over a basic phases of methodology for easier innovative solutions (practice 1: redesign of morning routine; practice 2: design of a ship that has to carry a candle from one side of the pool to another). On the seminar there was also a overview of the future and current high priority goals of Erasmus+ programme, held by Elena Tegovska, representative of European Commission. More materials from the seminar is behind following links: Innovation group discussion, Open space documentation, Seminar agenda.

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