The INNOSID final meeting took place between 29th and 30th of August 2022 in Budapest, Hungary. The purpose of the meeting was to close the project by reviewing the overall project and to disseminate the experiences and good practices obtained through working in the project’s consortium.

The final meeting was led by Jurica Babić, the project’s coordinator. First, the partners reviewed the project in terms of the general action plan that envisioned three big phases which are mapped to the project years. The first phase was focused on the foundational R&D on emerging technology (highlight: KuhARica app – O3), the second phase was focused on emerging technology study requirements elicitation and prototyping (highlight: workshop in Dubrovnik, C1 and C2 activities) and the third, final phase focused on emerging technology study implementation and evaluation (highlight: hackathon in Valencia – C3 and C4 activities).

After that, the UNIZG team presented the application is called Gibalica, it is a virtual fitness application which aims to increase the level of physical exercise among people. It uses computer vision as the emerging technology to track user body through camera and promotes the social inclusion through various accessibility features and customization options which allows user to tailor the experience based on her or his needs and possibilities.

In the second part of the meeting, every partner was given the opportunity to reflect on the project by putting a spotlight on the team members that were involved, discussing on pros and cons within the project, sharing good practices and experiences from the project!

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