TeamSoc21 workshop in Zagreb has officially ended with the second week. 

The second week of the workshop was dominated with mostly technical lectures. Participants learned about the impact of 3D printers and modelling. Those interesting lectures, relevant to one of entrepreneurial cases, were held by Marianna Zichar and Ildiko Papp. Our Bulgarian partners: Filip Tsvetanov and Teodor Iliev talked about one of the highly relevant challenges today – border protections. 

The business oriented lectures were organized as a part of a company visit, more specifically, T-HT where Lena Lalic gave presentation about leadership and people management. Characteristic for the second week of the workshop were lectures about social responsibility held by Lutz Buechner, Monika Rosandic, and Klara Popcevic.

Last two days of the workshop participants presented their entrepreneurial case study solutions, which can be found on our Web. The workshop was officially closed by Jurica Babić and Ignac Lovrek.

Same as in the first week, the second week was not only about learning, but also about practicing social skills learned during the first week. Participants went to famous Zagreb karaoke club where numeros hits were covered and the last night there was dinner at the hostel where we handed awards in multiple categories, including: best photographs, best CV, most active member on social networks, best case study development, and many others.

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