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The INNOSID project will be implemented by the international consortium consisting of 6 higher education institutions (HEI) and 1 non-governmental organization (NGO) from the domain of the people with disabilities, from 5 EU countries
(Croatia, Spain, France, Portugal, Hungary).

Higher education institutions

University of Zagreb, Faculty of electrical engineering and computing

Zagreb, Croatia

More about the FER team

Universitat Politècnica
de València

Valencia, Spain

More about the UPV team

University of

Debrecen, Hungary

More about the UNIDEB team

IMT Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire

Brest, France

More about the IMT team

University of

Dubrovnik, Croatia

More about the UNIDU team

Instituto Politecnico
de Santarem

Santarem, Portugal

More about the IPS team

Non-governmental organization

Croatian Down Syndrome Association

Zagreb, Croatia

More about the CDSA team
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