The first deliverable of the INNOSID project – the report entitled “Analysis of emerging technologies for improving social inclusion of people with disabilities” is published!

Thanks to the efforts of all participants in the process of preparing the report, all planned activities related to the report were successfully implemented. This project result is the foundational deliverable which represents a valuable input for other project activities.

This report serves as a study, i.e. body of knowledge, related to emerging technologies and their application for improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. Given the topics addressed in this study, it is intended not only for the scientific community but also for the general public as well. It may be of particular interest to students who want to pursue their education in the STEM field and become social innovators one day. Also, the study may encourage ICT professionals to have an impact on improving the quality of life of people with disabilities by designing smart products that improve their social inclusion.

As the aim of this report is also to increase public awareness and understanding of the importance of social inclusion of people with disabilities, we hope that the report will reach a large number of readers and will have an impact on their empowerment in this area.

The report is available in PDF format at the next link: Link

In addition to textual content, the report contains numerous illustrative examples and visual representations of what is described, as well as examples of good practice and case studies, mostly related to the INNOSID partner countries. This allows the reader to better understand the issues that are extremely important and should not be neglected as they can play an important role in changing for the better.

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