As the INOSSID project activities for the first year are in the implementation phase, the steering committee organized a virtual meeting (due to the complications with the COVID-19in order to discuss progress of the aforementioned activities. The meeting was held via the Zoom platform on 17th April. 

The meetinh was attended by all of the steering committee members, including: University of Zagreb, Universitat Politècnica de València, University of Debrecen, and IMT Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire. 

The agenda was to go through all deliverables for the first year and to discuss next steps. The meeting was lead by our project coordinator Jurica Babic. The first deliverable (O1) discussed was about the report on emerging technologies, where Matea Zilak presented the efforts of all participants in the process of the report creation. Second deliverable is related to the multilingual support of five different application for people with disabilities. Hrvoje as a O2 leader presented the progress on this deliverable. Finally, third deliverable (O3): new IT tool for people with disabilities based on emerging technologies was presented by Dario Pevec and Iva Topolovac.

After the presentation of the progress on the O1, O2, and O3 activities, steering committee discussed next steps and which direction to take in order to successfully implement all phases for the first year of the project.

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