The fourth INNOSID project meeting took place on February 22th, 2021 via MS Teams. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct a detailed planning of Y2 with a special emphasis being placed on the project’s blended mobility in 2021.

The main agenda can be summarized as follows:

  • progress on O4,
  • planning of the virtual mobility of the blended mobility,
  • assessing the opportunity for physical mobility,
  • next steps.

The crucial activity in Year 2 for the project is the Dubrovnik workshop in the physical form. Based on all the available inputs from the relevant stakeholders (partners, governments, health regulatory bodies), the tentative time for the 2-week workshop was set for September 2021. Given that the organisation of the physical workshop assumes many challenges due to COVID19, the risk management plan was detailed for identified risks concerning the health and travel of the participants.

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