The INNOSID preworkshop meeting took place between 12th and 15th of July 2021 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare the project for the INNOSID workshop 2021.

The planning meeting started with the assessment of the project timeline and agreeing on the time alteration of the Gantt chart (e.g. the physical mobility was moved from July to September). In virtual mobility retrospective, the participants assessed the level of success of the virtual mobility. The evidence presented by the coordinator showed that the soft skill tasks were very successful (video task, photography challenge, interview with the multicultural team “expert” – Catherine Sable). Furthermore, all seven student teams produced a high quality software requirements documents as well as 7 high-fidelity prototypes for their case study software solution.

The organizers of the virtual mobility presented the feedback from the students, all of which was useful for the physical mobility as well as for the next year’s blended mobility with the Valencia hackathon in April 2022. UPV team assessed the possibility to organize the multiplier event and transnational project meeting in December 2021 in Valencia, following the original plan.

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