One of the results of the second year of the INNOSID project are open educational resources that were prepared by the lecturers participating in the INNOSID Dubrovnik 2021 workshop. These open educational resources apply fundamental IT topics, such as requirements elicitation and prototyping, and cutting-edge IT topics, such as emerging technology overview, to a very
peculiar application area, i.e., social inclusion of people with disabilities.

General learning outcomes from these resources are:

  • understanding the basic concepts behind social inclusion and social innovations
  • learning how to gather user requirements from a peculiar customers such as people with disabilities
  • understanding the power of emerging technologies for creating social innovation
  • acquire a good understanding of a software development life cycle, and
  • learning how to use prototyping in order to evaluate user requirements.


Open educational resources in the form of PowerPoint slides are available for download on the next link: Learning resources (Dubrovnik 2021) or on the INNOSID web > Resources > Learning resources > Dubrovnik 2021.

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