After the successful first week of the teamSoc21 workshop, students had opportunity to relax during the weekend and enjoy their free time. Some of the students went to the beach while others visited nearby places.

Besides the unofficial events, we organized the official trip to Oceanogràfic of Valencia. This is what one of our participants (I.T.) said about the experience:

„At the end of the first week of the workshop we visited the Oceanogràfic of Valencia which is the biggest aquarium in Europe. It is located in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. It faithfully reproduces the most important marine ecosystems. The aquarium was absolutely beautiful containing various wildlife exhibits. We were amazed by the exotic species and the shark tunnel which makes you feel like you’re underwater. The dolphin show was one of the most impressive and memorable experiences of the whole visit. “

After the free weekend, we are in for the final week of the workshop where our participant will showcase their presentation skills while elaborating their entrepreneurial case study.

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