The first week of the TeamSoc21 workshop in Valencia started with the workshop opening held by Felipe Penaranda Foix and Ignac Lovrek, after which students already started sharpening their communication skills with the help of Catherine Sable and Alison Gourves, our social skill experts.

This week was filled with lectures about innovation, start-up, and entrepreneurship, accompanied by study visits to two start-up incubators: UPV incubators and EDEM incubator.

This what one of our students (K.M.) said about their study visit:

“On the fourth day of the 2019 TeamSoc21 workshop we visited the EDEM incubator in Valencia placed in the Marina. During our visit, we toured the incubator and were surprised by the number of start-ups housed in the incubator when we saw all the start-up names and logos neatly displayed on walls. We had a short workshop in smaller groups where we had to think about the problems that one faces when moving to a foreign country and our ideas how to solve those problems and form a start-up based on those ideas and solutions. In addition, one start-up founder talked to us about their process and informed us shortly about their product and the process it took to get where they are now.”

All in all, it was a successful first week full of learning, enjoyment, friendship, and most importantly, fun.


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