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Institut Mines Telecom – Telecom Bretagne


In the 30 years since its creation, Telecom Bretagne has affirmed itself as a pioneering “Grande École” in education, research and enterprise. It trains multi-discipline engineers able to assume important responsibilities. Recognised for its dynamism and its very substantial international dimension, Telecom Bretagne has partnerships with more than 100 establishments of higher education and research throughout the world. It collaborates with MIT and the Lausanne École Polytechnique Fédérale on the subject of pedagogic innovation. More than a thousand students, from 50 countries, follow engineering courses on two quite exceptional campuses situated at the heart of very active high-technology clusters.

Catherine Sable
Catherine SableIMT-TB Team Leader, INNOSOC Lecturer
Alison Gourves
Alison GourvesINNOSOC Lecturer


Mina HE does not have a photo :(

Mina HE

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Grégoire Saillour

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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Florian Boyrivent

INNOSOC 2016 Student


How do we innovate at the Institut Mines Telecom - Telecom Bretagne?
Founded in 1977, Telecom Bretagne is one of the most prestigious graduate engineering schools in France, at the cutting edge of the Information Technology sector in both research & teaching.


How do we use ICT to tackle societal challenges?
We innovate in all areas of Information Technology, including the Internet of Things, Domotics, Medical Imagery, Intelligent transport & Didactics.


How do we promote intercultural environment?
50% international students, study of two foreign languages; 6 months abroad. Intercultural Communication and Management courses: students and staff. Well-established research I/C programme.