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Universitat Politecnica de Valencia


UPV is a public Higher Education Institution actively involved in international cooperation and mobility projects. UPV hosts over 36,000 students and employs over 5,000 people (teaching, research, administrative, services staff). It is the first technological university in Spain according to international rankings (e.g. Shanghai Ranking of World Universities) and offers 33 undergraduate programmes, 73 official Master’s degrees and 28 Doctorate programmes.

Felipe Penaranda Foix
Felipe Penaranda FoixSteering Committee Member, UPV Team Leader, INNOSOC Lecturer
Carmen Bachiller
Carmen BachillerINNOSOC Lecturer
Carlos Hernandez Franco
Carlos Hernandez FrancoINNOSOC Lecturer


Mahmoud SEDJAR does not have a photo :(

Mahmoud SEDJAR

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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Marina Valls

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Enrique López Oliver

INNOSOC 2017 Student

Raúl del Amo Alcañiz does not have a photo :(

Raúl del Amo Alcañiz

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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David Riff

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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María José Pardilla Márquez

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Mercedes Garcia Riego

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Santiago Martínez Toval

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Alex Gascon

INNOSOC 2016 Student


How do we innovate at the UPV?
Technical University of Valencia ranks in the top 3 technical universities in Spainand Teelcommunication School provides around 25% of the research at UPV representing only 4% of the staff.


How do we use ICT to tackle societal challenges?
ICT is used widely at UPV, including teaching and reasearch applications, like Sakai facilities, remote teaching, etc.


How do we promote intercultural environment?
UPV is the second university in Spain that welcomes ERASMUS student which gives an idea of the intercultural and plurinational envinroment that the campus provides.