After the weekend, fully packed with social activities, the second week of the workshop continued with a series of interesting lectures as well as students presentations. In that sense, on Monday, each case study group had five minutes to pitch their results to steering committee members. The session proved to be useful as students used the feedback from the steering committee to finalise their deliverables.

On Wednesday, students visited LA FE hospital in Valencia. In particular, they how QUIBIM S.L, a spin-off of La Fe Health Research Institute, applies advanced computational models to radiological images to objectively measure changes produced by a lesion or by a pharmacological treatment, offering additional quantitative information to the qualitative approach of radiology.

The focus of final two days was placed on final presentations: each student group had 30 minutes to describe their case study, as well as to present their findings. You can find more details about them here.

The final day (Friday) was full of mixed emotions as students realised this is the last day they will spend with their new friends together in Valencia. During the INNOSOC 2017 Workshop Closing ceremony, awards were given to students who performed the best:

Before the farewell, students enjoyed the rest of the last day on the beach.

In conclusion, this year’s workshop met and exceeded all expectations from the steering committee. We wish our students all the best in their personal as well as professional lives! Hopefully, this once-in-a-lifetime event helped them to meet new friends, to learn something new in the area of ICTs as well as to improve social skills by living and working in a multicultural environment!

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