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ARound Me

Carlos Hernandez Franco

Product Vision Statement

This application would support the learning of the use of the most common tools in an occupational center (carpentry, kitchen, textile, printing, etc).

In people with intellectual diversity, normally the learning processes can be slow and/or require repeating and remembering procedures and tasks. This application could help in this necessity.

Target customers are all the people who attend wherever an occupational center with the aim of learning a trade and want to have an application that acts as a virtual assistant.

Product is intended to improve social inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities. On many occasions, knowing or remembering the operation of certain objects or tools may imply the need for help and therefore limit the autonomy of the person with functional diversity and in turn their self-esteem. Therefore, promoting the resolution of these situations with the support of augmented reality can be very useful in the context of functional diversity.


The product solves the challenge of social inclusion of people with disabilities. In this case helping to learn a specific trade, through precise instructions for the use of the most common tools.


For people with disabilities, autonomy is a vital aspect that makes it possible to increase self-esteem. This tool can be very useful in achieving this.

This product is an application for Tablet or Mobile Phone on Android. It will look like a virtual Manual based on Augmented Reality. In the main screen of the application, the user can select one of the following options: (i) Workshop (ii) Tool editor and (iii) Online help. The first option streamlines the process of identifying the elements. The second allows adding / expanding the information that is available. Finally, the third option allows the user to communicate in real time with an instructor who solves possible doubts.


The application is characterized by high adaptability. The different options of the same make learning more dynamic and increase self-esteem.


It is feasible to develop this product as it is a software product which can be developed on any PC with medium-range specifications.

The company must provide the necessary equipment and a budget plan for maintaining the software. If possible, the company should also provide a pool of evaluators who are among the target audience, i.e. people with disabilities, as well as any other potential consumers.

The company would receive the software solution which can be competitive on the market since it offers unique features when compared with similar solutions. This product would also have a positive impact on the company’s corporate responsibility.

Case study students

David Torrezao does not have a photo :(

David Torrezao

INNOSID Dubrovnik 2021 Student

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Šimun Šprem

INNOSID Dubrovnik 2021 Student

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Alejandro Veiga

INNOSID Dubrovnik 2021 Student

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Rand Khouri

INNOSID Dubrovnik 2021 Student

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Maria Ines Tordo

INNOSID Dubrovnik 2021 Student

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