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VR Taxi Driver

Dario Pevec

Product Vision Statement

This product is intended as an educational game for taxi drivers. People who work in the increasingly popular taxi services, such as Uber or Bolt, often find themselves in situations involving people with disabilities. This game is designed to prepare them for these types of situations.

People who drive taxis will be more willing to deal with PWD in a professional manner without being deliberately insensitive and misrepresenting themselves.

Target customers are taxi services that want to increase their quality of experience, especially towards people with disabilities. Users would be the drivers working for these companies, e.g. Uber or Bolt.

Since this application puts the driver in a game where he meets certain people with disabilities, it can target several different groups: blind people, deaf people, people with Down syndrome or para/quadroplegic people.


This product would solve the challenge of insufficient information about different types of disabilities, and it would also teach the user how to respond in certain situations regarding PWD. Besides the aforementioned this product would solve the problem defined as lack of knowledge that produces fear to approach or converse with a PWD.


The application provides a high level of customization, it can generate scenarios across several different types of disabilities. Moreover, the application provides a learning experience through the interactive game and increases the motivation to participate in this learning course.

The product is an application developed for the PC. The use of VR devices (headset and controller) is mandatory. When the user puts on the VR headset, he is prompted with only one option – to get into the car. Once in the car, the user can then select the passenger from the console in the cockpit. With this selection, the user can virtually choose which group of people with disabilities they want to drive to a particular location. While driving, the driver must communicate with the people with disabilities through various dialog options. The aim of the application is to teach the driver which answers/questions are appropriate and which are not.


There are many education VR applications. However, there are very few, if any, that aim to raise awareness about people with disabilities. In addition to the goal, this application stands out for its high level of customizability. The administrator can use the administration interface to change the dialogs, choose from several different avatars and design the scene using these avatars.


It is feasible to develop this product because the technology used, namely VR, is widely used in entertainment and therefore well documented.

On the part of the company, it would be necessary to ensure the pool of people for testing the application, both from the pool of users, i.e. Taxi riders, and PWDs who would benefit most from this type of application. Apart from the pool of test participants, the company should invest the money in the project in the form of sotiware and hardware equipment as well as marketing for the product.

Case study students

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Kristina Petković

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Ana Radović

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Tamas Veres

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Patricia Valcarcel Manzano

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Ivan Ćelić

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