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3D-printed Objects: From Simple Gadgets to Implants

Ildiko Papp and Marianna Zichar


Keywords: 3D Printing; 3D modeling; 3D reconstruction; customization; innovative solutions

H2020 challenge:  Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

Knowledge and skills (P: prerequisite; D: desirable, but not necessary): basic ICT knowledge (P); to have interest in 3D printing (P); social empathy (P); experience in 3D technologies (D); to be curious and prolific Internet researcher (D)

Every human is unique and that is why the solution for many problems related to people also needs a unique approach. This is valid in healthcare and in different fields of wellbeing as well. 3D modeling and 3D printing are exactly technologies that are suitable to deal with problems of customization [1].

The range of modeling software products, operating principles of 3D printers, characteristics of raw materials, and complexity of problems vary intensively, so our first task is to have a general overview on these topics [2].

Some typical applications that seem reasonable for a start-up company:

  • Different small (PLA, or ABS) objects printed with a desktop FDM printer, such as fidget spinner, massage roller, customized medicine boxes
  • Prototypes of braces (for broken bones, braces in dentistry, etc.) [4, 5]

With sufficient knowledge, and maybe in cooperation with other companies, the range of 3D modeled and printable objects can be much wider:

  • 3D reconstruction, visualization of the human anatomy based on point clouds coming from CT images to practice medical interventions or to make the patients engaged into his treatment
  • 3D printed (metal or ceramic) implants

Company of any size can be committed in social responsibility by taking part in different movement such as e-NABLE (http://e-nable.org).

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Case for an electronic toothbrush designed by a student (to replace a broken one)
Case for an electronic toothbrush designed by a student (to replace a broken one)
3D printed brace (https://youtu.be/TAp93r_q1Fc)
3D printed brace (https://youtu.be/TAp93r_q1Fc)

Questions that need answers

The topics that should be discussed first by the team:

  • Students will need to become familiar with the basic operating principles of 3D printers
  • Overview and classification of raw materials
  • How to turn a point cloud into a 3D model
  • First steps in getting to know a free design software

The topics that should be discussed first by the team:

  • Student teams will need to identify potential customer segments for services they will develop [3, 6].
  • Student teams will need to look for further 3D printable objects that can support humans’ health and wellbeing.
  • Students teams will identify what kind of interfaces they can use to reach the potential customers [8].
  • Students teams will explore how the cost of their services can be determined and what kind of impact of additive manufacturing can have on business competitiveness [7].

The following societal aspects should be examined in the context of this case study [9]:

  • Student team will overview what skills an employee should have and whether people with some kinds of disabilities could be employed at the company or not.
  • Student team will look for the impact of customized 3D printing on the environment.
  • Student team will explore civil organizations, or movements (such as e-NABLE) which can connect the company with the society.

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