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TEAMSOC21 builds upon previous successful projects!

Innovative ICT Solutions for the Societal Challenges (INNOSOC)

INNOSOC project closely followed SUSCOMTEC in the field of organization and program. The consortium applied for IP (Intensive Program) with 11 EU partner universities. The main coordinator was FER (Faculty of electrical engineering and computing) in Zagreb (Croatia). The intensive workshop was first year (2016) held in Zagreb , followed by Valencia (Spain) in second year (2017). Similarly to SUSCOMTEC, INNOSOC completed successfully  with around 60 students and 20 lecturers participating from all the 11 partners every year, implying 9 different countries. However, the concept of the INNOSOC project is more ambitious than idea we had behind the SUSCOMTEC project, due to new Erasmus+ framework which does not include just Intensive Programs, but supporting activities such as creation of new open access lecturing material as well.

Intercultural knowledge transfer in engineering for a sustainable global ICT community (SUSCOMTEC)

Based on ESM experiences, the consortium applied for an IP (Intensive Program) with 14 EU partner universities plus 1 from Russia. The main coordinator was UPV (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) in Valencia (Spain) and the new proposal was proposed for 3 years. These 3 IP events were hold in Valencia (Spain) in 2012, Debrecen (Hungary) in 2013 and Sofia (Bulgaria) in 2014 and the main topic was sustainability in ICT. All the 3 events were a complete success, with around 60 students and 20 lecturers participating from all the 14 partners every year, implying 9 different countries. It implied to design a schedule not only with technical contents, but also multicultural activities. And, additionally, the 3 SUSCOMTEC events included also visits to the host cities and visits to companies related with ICT and located close to the host university.

European Students Meeting (ESM)

ESMs took place in period 2004-2010 and had full or partial funding by the EU. The first two ESMs were located in Gyor (2004) and in Saint Petersburg (2005). Afterwards, ESMs in Leipzig (“Next Generations Network” (2006)), Lille (“Optical Telecommunications and Mobile Telecommunications” (2007)) and Zilina (“Optical Telecommunications and Mobile Telecommunications” (2008)) took place. The programme was implemented without EU grant in Sofia (“Optical Telecommunications” (2009)) and in Gyor (“Telecommunication and ICT management” (2010)), while in 2011 a shortened student programme was implemented in Opatija (Croatia).

The TEAMSOC21 project uses good practices and experiences from the INNOSOC (Innovative ICT Solutions for the Societal Challenges) and the SUSOMTEC (Intercultural knowledge transfer in engineering for a sustainable global ICT community) project for setting up a transnational multidisciplinary intensive study program in the field of innovations based on information and communication technology targeting societal challenges defined by Europe 2020 and Horizon 2020 programs. However, the concept of the TEAMSOC21 project is, in contrast to INNOSOC and SUSCOMTEC, oriented towards evermore popular concept of startup companies.

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