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University of Telecommunications and Post


The University of Telecommunications and Post (UTP), is among the oldest Bulgarian academic institutions, established from Knjaz Alexander I at 1881 for higher education in the area of telegraph and post services. After several transforms and change of the names nowadays UTP is a specialized university for higher education of students in the area of Computer and Telecommunication Technique and Technologies, Mobile Communications, Radio-communications and Broadcasting, Management of communication services. The Faculty of Telecommunications and Management through education and innovation in fields of ICT, computer science, information technologies and communication technologies, prepares students for leading technological and ICT practical development of Bulgaria.

Svetla Radeva
Svetla RadevaUTP Team Leader, TEAMSOC21 Lecturer
Filip Tsvetanov
Filip TsvetanovTEAMSOC21 Lecturer
Teodor Iliev
Teodor IlievTEAMSOC21 Lecturer

Students Zagreb 2018

Todor Yordanov does not have a photo :(

Todor Yordanov

TeamSoc21 Zagreb2018 Student

Aleksandar Antonov does not have a photo :(

Aleksandar Antonov

TeamSoc21 Zagreb2018 Student

Kaloyan Valkov does not have a photo :(

Kaloyan Valkov

TeamSoc21 Zagreb2018 Student

Students Valencia 2019

Evelina Yordanova Marinova does not have a photo :(

Evelina Yordanova Marinova

TeamSoc21 Valencia2019 Student

Stiliyan Radev does not have a photo :(

Stiliyan Radev

TeamSoc21 Valencia2019 Student


How do we innovate at the University of Telecommunications and Post?
The University of Telecommunications and Post (UTP) combine knowledge of academic staff and researchers for implementation of innovations in the area of telecommunications, ICT and service management.


How do we use ICT to tackle societal challenges?
UTP develop innovative mobile applications for disabled persons, for smart houses and future trends of implementation of sensor networks for automation and control of industrial processes.


How do we promote intercultural environment?
The University of Telecommunications and Post encourage interaction between different cultures and communities in the area of computer and communication technologies for better social life.
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