Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing also reported about the TeamSoc21 multiplier event. The first post on the Web was open invitation tu the event, while the second post reported post-event results.

Jurica Babić, TeamSoc21 Project Manager, has participated in the training seminar on dissemination and impact in strategic partnerships (Bordeaux, 21-23 March 2018). The seminar was organized as the Erasmus+ transnational cooperation activity (TCA) by the Erasmus+ National Agencies of France, Luxembourg, Croatia, Belgium and Finland. In general, the activity consisted of two intertwined topics: a) impact of strategic partnerships and b) dissemination of project’s results. Each of those topics was tackled from theoretic and practical perspectives. In particular, on Thursday (March 22) participants had morning lectures related to impact in strategic partnerships. The morning session was followed by an interesting afternoon session in which participants exchanged practices by working closely in workshop groups. The final day of the seminar (Friday, March 23) retained the same structure (i.e., morning lectures and afternoon practical work) while focusing on dissemination of project results in the context of strategic partnerships.

It is widely expected that valuable skills and knowledge, related to dissemination of project’s results and project’s impact, will prove to be highly beneficial for the on-going TeamSoc21 project as well as for future Erasmus+ applications.

In the light of the seminar, we are happy to disseminate the seminar outcomes with our audience. You can find the related materials behind the following link: https://we.tl/VnQp2jwO1R

Figure 1: Croatian representatives (from left to right): Edita Margeta (Industrijsko-obrtnička škola Slavonski Brod), Ivana Štiglec (I. gimnazija Osijek), Jurica Babić (University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), Filip Gašparović (AMPEU), Đurđica Negač (AMPEU), Branko Ančić (Institute for Social Research)

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