After the virtual mobility phase, second, physical mobility phase of entrepreneurial case study development has started with the workshop held in Zagreb, Croatia from 16th to 27th of April. The workshop started with the opening ceremony held by Jurica Babic, followed by the talk about the past experiences of INNOSOC workshop participants.

First week of the workshop was dominated by soft skills lectures where participants learned about intercultural communication and collaboration from Catherine Sable and Alison Gourves who made sure that lessons intrigued and encourage participants to work on their skills. Istvan Polgar was in charge of second block of soft skills lectures about daily challenges in the European social space.

From the business perspective, participants learned about the role of ICT engineers in innovation and entrepreneurship from Ignac Lovrek and about basic principles of entrepreneurship by Aurora Alonso. At the end of the week participants had special lecture by Claus Essman from Detecon about a hot topic – Internet of Things.

To make sure participants have a good time, there were also evening programs that helped everyone to prepare for what the next day brings. Especially interesting was to see how our cultures differ through the international dinner where we could all try some food or drink specific for each country.

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